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Jeep Gladiator: FCA's new accessories king

Mopar said Gladiator buyers spend an average of around $1,000 per vehicle on accessories, topping Wrangler purchasers, who shell out about $800.

BMW, Mercedes, Ford most at risk from new tariffs

With no signs of the Trump administration's trade war with China ending soon, experts say automakers need to be prepared for volatility and added costs.

Lidar maker's sensors auto-ready

Unlike others, Luminar has focused on automotive readiness since its early days, integrating Toyota's kaizen manufacturing practices into its manufacturing facility in Orlando.

Calif. deal ?foolish,' Trump tells automakers

The unusual standoff landed Ford and GM in front of Trump's bully pulpit again last week as he said that refusal to go along with his plan would reduce safety and raise costs, which Ford disputed.

Porsche designs a button-free dash for EV

For its first EV, which goes on sale late this year, Porsche followed Tesla's cue in relying on software and touch screens to deliver media, navigation and other vehicle controls.