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Industry needs to supply protective gear now

Automakers have begun manufacturing much needed ventilators, respirators and protective gear to combat coronavirus, but more should be done immediately.

Pandemic moves auctions online

Amid a growing coronavirus pandemic, decisions by auction giants to go all-digital came quickly.

Designer offers help with at-home boredom

Callum Design has posted three sketches of its Vanquish 25, ready to be colored in, and is offering prizes to some of the best ones shared on social media.

Pandemic accelerates adoption of digital tools

The shift to online vehicle sales has been underway for years. Some dealers say the changes they're making to respond to COVID-19 may be here to stay.

After shuttering showrooms, dealers lay off employees ? and it may be just the start

“It was probably the most tragic day of my career,” said one dealer in Washington state after putting workers on what he called standby unemployment amid the pandemic.