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Luxury sales reaching historic highs

Higher-end brands raced out of the gates in the first quarter, a time of year when they typically underperform. Mercedes-Benz took pole position.

Off-road course for Broncos? Not in my backyard

A Vermont ski resort that planned to host one of four Ford Bronco "Off-Roadeo" driving schools around the U.S. backed out last week after an outcry from nearby residents.

No ‘cop-out' on climate-neutral car for Polestar

The Polestar O project seeks to create a climate-neutral vehicle by 2030.

Direct-sales efforts heat up in states

The proposals, backed by electric vehicle startups but opposed by franchised dealers, have been introduced in at least 10 states this year.

A parade of electric crossovers head for Shanghai

Next week's event will see a new batch of models from international automakers.